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With water as the priority, Reed Street Yards is an evolving eco-industrial zone balancing natural resources and economic development. Sustainability starts with the underlying infrastructure: a system of urban bio swales and rain gardens, a “purple pipe” for grey water recapture, demonstration and educational projects - all integrated with the Menomonee River and historic brownfield reclamation. Reed Street Yards has adopted green building guidelines to promote sustainable development and ensure building performance. In collaboration with the Water Council and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), Reed Street Yards is promoting an industrial symbiosis around the water business. Cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders may include: sharing logistics, research, purchasing green power and integrating industrial processes that require water.


Reed Street Yards is a national model for urban sustainability. We’re committed to bringing high achieving buildings to market. Each building at Reed Street must meet the minimum green building thresholds found in:

Reed Street Yards Sustainable Design Standards

These standards were developed to promote water-oriented sustainability and to ensure base level building performance. We promote LEED certification as a core principle and intend to certify all buildings in the park. Talk to us about your company’s specific sustainability objectives.